суббота, 29 апреля 2017 г.

29.04.2017 Shakespeare's Day

It has finally happened, Today we were having the 3-subjects intellectual game "Shakespeare forever" that was dedicated to the greatest English playwrite and poet William Shakespeare. The srudents were splendid, they answered the questions, thought, were excited, interested in the facts of his life, works, historic time.

суббота, 18 марта 2017 г.

Interregional Linguistic Olympiad 2017/Межрегиональная лингвистическая олимпиада 2017

The students of mine are going on to gratify me. Timofey Tonkov from 6A class took part in the final part of the Olympiad. He did the tasks of 7th grade (more complex). Here are some pictures from his trip to Moscow./ Мои ученики продолжают радовать меня. Тимофей Тонков из 6А класса принял участие в заключительном этапе МЛО. Выполнил задания для 7 класса ( более сложные). Вот несколько фото из его поездки В Москву.